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Here are a few client testimonials from some of the awesome folks that I’ve had the pleasure of working with both as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach.

Client Testimonial - Rodney Bowen 2

Rodney B.

Goal: Fat Loss and Overall Wellness

Chris Keseling with CK Health & Fitness has served as my personal online trainer for almost a year. Since connecting with Chris, I have experienced some amazing results in my gaining some significant life changes toward better health.

With Chris’ nutritional guidance combined with his valuable knowledge in the combination of strength and cardio exercises, he has significantly helped me these past few months, when I have been able to [1] successfully complete my first 1/2 marathon race, [2] achieve personal records in subsequent races (e.g. 10k), [3] finally arrive at my goal weight, which is the least I have weighed in over a decade, and [4] obtain a very positive physician review during my last annual physical.

I value the work, expertise, and PATIENCE that Chris brings to the table in his working with me, and I strongly recommend him as a personal trainer to those looking to succeed in their own, personalized wellness program.

Note from Chris

Rodney is a pleasure to work with! He’s open to exploring new training styles (he was very ingrained into a particular style when we started) and we basically did a complete 180. 🤣 

Another thing that I appreciate with Rodney is that he’s an open book. He shares his struggles, questions, and infatuation with Oreos openly! It’s that type of communication that’s allowed us to continually make progress towards his goals.

Keep up the great work boss!


Mario Testimonial 1


Mario Testimonial 2

Mario G.

Goal: Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

Before we started working together, my workout routines were getting old. I felt like I wasn’t accomplishing any of my fitness goals and I wasn’t able to see any progress with my body.

There were a lot of things I just didn’t know about, like the importance of good form and how to program my routines better. I still remember how you changed my understanding of bodybuilding with your knowledge of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle.

Before then, my mindset was just to lift heavy and you will get ripped and muscular (like the magazines and social media preach), but that just wasn’t working. I believed I was taking the right steps, but I was wrong.

In working with you, I’ve changed my workout routines, improved my nutrition and I have been able to see a BIG difference in my body.

So thank you so much brother for the guidance you continue to provide me!!

Note from Chris

I’m so proud of how far Mario has come along! The cool thing about Mario (and many of the clients I work with) is that he had a propensity for building muscle, which in turn makes it easier to lose the extra body fat.

Mario was extremely open to learning the right way to approach fitness and most importantly, taking action with that newfound knowledge.

I look forward to his continued journey and signing up for our next Spartan race! 😎


3 Months

6 Months

Living Life

Brian Testimonial

Brian K.

Goal: Fat Loss

My name is Brian. I am 37 years old and I participated in the three month jump start program administered by CK Health and Fitness. I am pleased to say that both my experiences with Chris and the comprehensive program therein has yielded exemplary results.

As someone who was involved heavily in athletics in my youth I found that in recent years I had gotten lost as many do in the pursuits of professional life. This meant that like many I was not eating properly, nor getting any kind of meaningful exercise. I thus resolved myself to do something about it. As fate would have it, an opportunity came along in the form of the Three Month Jump Start Program.

The program is designed first and foremost to provide a jumping off point for those seeking to get a leg up in terms of an overall healthy life style. As such, I was relieved when my Chris was able to walk me through each facet of the program in both a professional and nurturing manner. Like many, I was initially skeptical of the prospect of making such fundamental life style changes, but I soon learned that not only was I capable of change, but I had already taken one of the largest steps by committing myself to Change itself.

Chris’s mentoring was key to maintaining my proper frame of mind throughout the course of the program. He was constantly present through the process of improving my nutrition. This meant monitoring the major aspects of my diet as well as challenging me to really think about the foods that I was consuming. He was always available to answer any concerns that I may have in a friendly and comprehensive manner.

Another major part of the program was the fitness regiment. Chris worked diligently to understand what it was that I was trying to obtain and thus designed a program that was both valid and engaging for my individual needs. Everything that I did was logged in a clean and organized fashion, so it was easy to follow my progress and set new goals for myself on a routine basis. Chris was always encouraging and pushed me to reach and often times exceed my goals.

The last major part of the jump start program pertained to my day to day living. Chris was constantly interested and compassionate in trying to understand how I lived my life. This included everything from my sleep habits, to how I was dealing with stress. he made a number of helpful recommendations that were instrumental in helping me to better understand how I was going through my daily routine and how it affected my overall health. 

This also included regular check-ins with Chris where we would openly plan and discuss all of the afore mentioned aspects of the program as well as assess my progress. I found these sessions particularly encouraging as Chris always was enthusiastic about my triumphs and always was ready to help me with any short comings that I may have faced over a given period.

As a result, I am very excited to report that not only have I been able to adjust my life style in a meaningful way but I have dropped over 40 pounds and have been able to build my body back up to a level that I have not been on since my high school years.

In conclusion, I highly encourage those who are looking to make a change towards a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle to consider working with Chris. I am confident that both the fitness programs and health coaching will set you well on your way to achieving your health and fitness goals. Working with Chris was both rewarding and a pleasure.

Note from Chris

Man…Brian has been a rockstar during this process. He started out in a 3-month group program initially and we continue to work together to reach his goals. One of the key factors that lent to his success can be boiled down to a single word…CONSISTENCY.

It’s also worth noting that Brian was able to achieve these awesome results without any gym equipment (he doesn’t have access). He also didn’t starve himself or eat plain chicken and rice. Consistency and small refinements along the way. 

Keep killing it Brian!! 💪🏼

Meg Testimonial 1

Meg M.

Goal: Fat Loss and Overall Wellness

After working with several different personal trainers over the past 10 years, it was refreshing to finally get to work out with a professional like Chris.

He is unique in his approach by providing clients with a customized exercise routine combined with a well balanced and comprehensive nutritional plan that makes total sense and is easy to follow!

Chris gets to know his clients on a personal level to understand what drives and motivates (or demotivates) them which is one of his best qualities.

Over the past two years, he has not only become a good friend of mine but someone I rely on not just for personal training but as my “life” coach for getting through the “day to day” trials and tribulations.

Note from Chris

Meg is so much fun to work with! Though she won’t admit it, she’s a natural when it comes to workouts (even with all the faces and complaining…LOL). 😂

Another thing about Meg that I appreciate is that she’s an implementer. Give her something to do and she’s on top of it. And that my friends is why she gets results!

Cina Testimonial 1

Cina T.

Goal: Fat Loss and Overall Health

Chris is a trainer that ACTUALLY caters to my personalized physical health needs!

Chris give awesome nutrition advice and is always willing to answer any questions I have.

I highly recommend Chris to all my friends and family. Chris’s passion is health and fitness, you will not find anyone with that much passion to help others obtain their goals.

Thank you Chris for being an awesome trainer!

Note from Chris

I love Cina and have learned so much in working with her. She continues to evolve and grow in her wellness journey. All while running a house full of boys (twins about to go off to college and yes…her husband). 😂

Keep at it my friend!


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