Here's what folks are saying...

Kaci Wall

I really can't say enough good things about Chris. I have had the privilege of working with him in a variety of his specialty fields. I have worked beside him from a group business management standpoint, and also experienced his personal training, holistic health, and meditation expertise. Having had this multi-faceted experience with Chris, I can say that he absolutely excels on all fronts.

Chris is the kind of person that is always positive and uplifting, and the kind of person that you genuinely want to be around. His business management skills are absolutely incredible - he managed a business with flying colors that I personally witnessed many before him falter with.

On a personal training level, Chris is encouraging and non-judgmental while being honest and letting you know when you're clearly slacking off. Anyone who's ever worked with a personal trainer knows that this is a very delicate and important balance that is necessary for a trainer to master.

When it comes to health and nutrition, Chris is really great at isolating individual needs. He understands that life happens and things are challenging in different ways for different people, and he is great at helping to find the balance for individuals on their own personal level.

I've also attended Chris's guided meditation classes for chakra balancing, and as a yoga teacher I was surprised that they were some of the best meditation classes I've ever experienced.
Chris is someone that I've always felt I could be honest and upfront with, and I now that there is not going to be bias or judgment. I always look forward to seeing Chris and to learning more about health and healing from him, because he makes it fun and entertaining. He is definitely an extremely special one of a kind person that I consider myself fortunate to have found, and I look forward to working with him for many years to come.

Ana Morales

Un entrenador personal increíble soy una persona que solamente corre y encanta hacer yoga menos hacer algún tipo de ejercicio como boot camp ya que lo siento competitivo y pesado... pero Chris me explico previamente que era un buen sistema para hacer y definir músculos con el uso de tu propio peso y así fue las clases fueron intensas pero con un maestro que sabia lo que hacia ya que desde el primer día me dio muchos ánimos y con buenos mensajes acerca de la nutrición en cada ejercicio... mis resultados al final de 3 días a la semana de boot camp en el transcurso de un mes , pude levantar mi propio peso , mejor mis posturas en yoga y tener mas fuerza para correr y saber muchos tips de nutrición.

Adam Silverman

I was always the "skinny" guy growing up. In High School and College when I was playing soccer I weighed in around 135 pounds. I wanted to be bigger, stronger, more built, faster, more powerful, and have better control over my muscles. As I've grown up and now become a professional drummer, the goals haven't changed too much. Bigger, faster, stronger, more powerful. Chris has been the perfect guy for the job. Being a drummer there is a delicate balance between power and speed, too much power and I play slow, too much aerobic work and I lose my build. It's a balance that Chris has really helped me work on for the past few years. Since training with Chris I've gained power, size, overall muscle mass, but I've also gained more confidence in myself. Chris has taught me about reaching for my goals, staying focused in the midst of hard things that happen in life, and he's most of all taught me how to be in control of my body, my mind, and my heart. I would never even consider another trainer or health coach. He's the whole package from the gym to the nutrition grids to the therapy sofa haha. Training with him is an honor and I hope you're take the step towards being the best you that you can be with Chris.

Mario Guerra

Before we started working out together.. my workout routines were getting old. I felt like I wasn't accomplishing any fitness goals because I wasn't able to see any progress in my body like seeing definition in my muscles. There was a lot of things that I didn't know to do like how to have good form and how to perform better but I still remember the first time we worked out together, how you changed my mind of bodybuilding. See my mindset was always lift heavy and you will get ripped and muscular but that was turning me into a weight lifter. Plus I had not conditioning with my cardio so by working with you it was a whole turn over. I had believed it was right but I was doing it wrong so I change my workout routine and the nutrition tips you had giving me I have been able to see a big difference in my body. So thank you brother. For the guidance you had provided me!!

Cina Thomas

I took Chris's boot camp and really enjoyed it, I was able to keep up despite my physical injuries.
Chris is a trainer that ACTUALLY catered to my personalized physical health needs! I love the upbeat music and they energy Chris pours into each student. He made class super fun, but gave us a super workout. I can always find an excuse not to workout, but I actually wanted to go to class. Chris gave me awesome nutrition advice and was always welling to answer any questions I had. I highly recommend Chris to all my friends and family. Chris's passion is health and fitness, you will not find anyone with that much passion to help others obtain their goals.

Thank you Chris for being an awesome trainer!

Lauren Brunner

Over the past few weeks Chris has helped me sleep better, lower my stress levels, become more organized and lose inches in my waist. His constant support and guidance have made a huge difference.

Travis Rill

I met Chris 11 years ago, I was a 21 year old with no path to exercise and healthy lifestyle. I'm not going to lie the first sessions were tough but well worth it. The boot camps were extreme but not over the top. I felt great after every work out. Starting April 2012 I weighted 240 pounds, December 2012 205. Chris is a direct, helpful trainer and cares. He takes time to show proper technique, pushes you to dive deep for max potential. I look forward every time we train!!

Meg Millard

After working with several different personal trainers over the past 10 years, it was refreshing to finally get to work out with a professional like Chris. He is unique in his approach by providing clients with a customized exercise routine combined with a well balanced and comprehensive nutritional plan that makes total sense and is easy to follow! Chris gets to know his clients on a personal level to understand what drives and motivates (or demotivates) them which is one of his best qualities. Over the past two years, he has not only become a good friend of mine but someone I rely on not just for personal training but as my “life” coach for getting through the “day to day” trials and tribulations.

Mary Schretlen

Chris uses his intuitive skills to hone in on the work that’s necessary to achieve success. No gimmicks. No “quick fixes”. Working with Chris gives you an integrated understanding of the human machine and then provides the tools for achieving long-term health.


I thought he [Chris] did a very good job, the info was very beneficial, especially the nutrition and answering any questions we had. There are a lot of things you “hear” out there and it was great he was able to clarify those things too.