Life isn’t a fad.
Neither is fitness.

It’s time to change your lifestyle. For good.

CK Health & Fitness makes it easy to take control of your health, nutrition, and overall wellness with flexible, customized online coaching that gets measurable results.

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Health Coaching

Together, we’ll navigate the vast (and often confusing) world of nutrition and lifestyle advice to determine what changes are most beneficial to YOU. One size does NOT fit all.

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Personal Training

You probably understand the importance of exercise, but need help getting the results you want. I listen to your goals, create a realistic plan that works, and support you along the way.

Corporate Wellness - Local and Online - CK Health and Fitness

Corporate Wellness

Let’s face it—successful companies take care of their people. Teams with wellness support = happier, healthier employees. Ready for better productivity? I can help.

“Chris uses his intuitive skills to hone in on the work that’s necessary to achieve success. No gimmicks. No “quick fixes”. Working with Chris gives you an integrated understanding of the human machine and then provides the tools for achieving long-term health.”

Couch potato to

health aficionado.


Online Personal Trainer and Holistic Health Coach - Chris Keseling - Columbia TN - CK Health and Fitness

Small Steps Towards

Big Changes

CK Health and Fitness owner, Chris Keseling, discusses current wellness topics and shares quick tips that, when used consistently, can make a big impact on your overall lifestyle.

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