Client Spotlight – Rodney Bowen

Client Spotlight - Rodney BowenI’m really happy to give the client spotlight to one of my “newer” clients. Rodney and I have been working together for about 5 months now.

When we first started, he was stuck in a popular but “less than ideal” routine. I won’t call it out by name but it involves “pumping” out a circuit of high reps and low weight with little to no rest. 😎

In our short time together, Rodney has shifted his mindset about strength training (lifting heavier with longer rest periods) while also training for a 1/2 marathon. 

He’s been able to drop some bodyfat, set new records with his strength, move past an existing injury AND complete his 1/2 marathon in record time! That’s a LOT of accomplishments for such a short period of time and for that, I couldn’t be prouder!

I asked Rodney the questions below because I wanted to not only showcase his accomplishments but to also connect with others as well. See if you can relate with him.


What were your goals when you started?

My overall goals from the start included a few things, such as:

Team Accountability – I tend to be more dedicated to a task when I know there is some accountability. For example, before my recent move, I would swing by a friend’s home almost every Tuesday & Thursday on my way to the gym to pick him up. My knowing that he was expecting me to arrive would be the driving force to get me up so early and headed to the gym for over a year. After my move almost an hour away and finding a new gym closer to my home, I immediately began to become more sporadic in my going to the gym….to the point that I let months pass without going.

My connecting with Chris has added that accountability check back into my fitness lift. My knowing that we’ll have periodic times to catch up via calls & messages combined with his real time access to my fitness & nutrition charts has really encouraged me to add some health and fitness back to my life.

Client Testimonial - Rodney Bowen 21/2 Marathon training – tied to the accountability, I knew I would be more likely to keep up the work if I added a big challenge to my fitness schedule. Earlier this year after completing my first official 5K, when I jogged and walked with my 8-year old, I decided to register for my first 1/2 marathon race that would occur 4 months after the 5K race. The strength training schedule that Chris added to my routine was the perfect balance with run training that helped me work through and recover from a mild should injury that occurred prior to my move a year ago and at the same time strengthen and prepare me for my first 1/2marathon race.

Weight loss – and finally, one of my key goals through all this accountability and training was to also lower my weight, which had increased due to the many months of my having now health & fitness focus. At present, I am down 20 lbs from the weight I was when the year started. With just a few more pounds needed to reach my goal weight, I’m very pleased with the progress and continued work on this health & fitness journey.


What are you most proud of?

Completing my first 1/2 Marathon in just over 2 hours is a definite high point for me in this new fitness year! I had just started some running to prepare for the walk/run 5K that I did with my 8-year in May. By June, I had dedicated to the 1/2 marathon and really ramped up my training and nutrition. In 4 months (Sept2019), I completed 1/2 marathon in 2 hours and 5 minutes. I was the most challenging fitness activity I’ve performed to date…and the most rewarding, too.


What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

NUTRITION (still a work in process)…

Nutrition continues to be my daily challenge. With years of such poor behavior in respect to nutrition, I find it a daily struggle to keep my nutrition where it needs to be especially when the work day runs long, and I know it would be so much easier to jus run to the local drive thru. These days (even while it’s a challenge), I do find more success in my having to enter my nutrition into the app that Chris provides. This is where accountability comes in again for me because with every meal, I am reminded that I will need to enter my meal/nutrition into the app, which Chris has access. This added accountability helps…even though the struggle continues to be real.


What advice would you give to people just starting out?


Key advice I’d recommend to others just beginning:

  1. Set weekly goals to what you want to accomplish whether it is # of times you want to work on strength, fitness
  2. Add a big goal just ahead of you (e.g. 3-4 months away) and work toward that goal. For me, it was the 1/2 marathon race
  3. With your goals & plan (fitness/nutrition) in place, just focus on one day at a time…be in your present as you sneak a glance forward toward your goal(s)

There you have it my friend, excellent advice from someone who’s already achieved a lot in a short period of time, yet continues to acknowledge and work on long-term changes. 

If you’re ready to make the change for yourself and need some guidance and support, be sure to check out my health coaching and personal training programs. Then shoot me a message and let’s see if we’re a good fit for each other!

Btw…I should also mention that Rodney is the owner of Bowen Digital, a Digital Marketing white-glove service provider. He continues to help me optimize my SEO and digital presence. I can’t recommend him highly enough – especially if you’re like me and need someone to hold your hand…LOL.  

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