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A healthy team is a productive team.

And I’ll help you create one. Did you know that successful wellness programs help reduce sick days and attract most prospective employees even more than income? We get so bogged down with deadlines and meetings and hitting the numbers, that we forget what it takes to successfully achieve those goals—health. My program offers a combination of instruction, coaching, and support to help your employees find the healthy balance they need for a more productive workday. And here’s the best part…it’s fun!

Lunch and Learns

Health and fitness is the perfect topic for a company lunch and learn. It won’t be boring—we’ll discuss practical but enjoyable ways to better everyday routines.

On-site Training/Group Classes

Whether you want in-person training or online group classes, we’ll pinpoint sessions that will inspire teamwork and overall better health.

Wellness Challenges

Nothing boosts health and fitness more than a reward! We’ll work together to craft a fun, motivational wellness challenge for your employees.

* Many services are available online as well for on-site for those in the Columbia, TN and surrounding areas. Contact for more information.

Ready for a happier team?

Why my approach to corporate wellness works.

When it comes to company incentives, I think they should be fun! That’s why I don’t weigh down employees with unachievable goals, endless reading, and boring talks.

You should institute my corporate wellness program if:
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Chris is the kind of person that is always positive and uplifting, and the kind of person that you genuinely want to be around.

On a personal training level, Chris is encouraging and non-judgmental while being honest and letting you know when you're clearly slacking off. Anyone who's ever worked with a personal trainer knows that this is a very delicate and important balance that is necessary for a trainer to master. When it comes to health and nutrition, Chris is really great at isolating individual needs. He understands that life happens and things are challenging in different ways for different people, and he is great at helping to find the balance for individuals on their own personal level.

Chris is someone that I've always felt I could be honest and upfront with, and I now that there is not going to be bias or judgment. I always look forward to seeing Chris and to learning more about health and healing from him, because he makes it fun and entertaining. He is definitely an extremely special one of a kind person that I consider myself fortunate to have found, and I look forward to working with him for many years to come.

Certified Holistic Health Coach & Personal Trainer - Chris Keseling - CK Health and Fitness

“I knew I could help them find a better way. And I knew I wanted to.”