Fitness shortcuts are so yesterday.

And it’s time to break the cycle. For good. Of course, it’s not that easy. You can’t achieve the physical results you really want with random exercise. You have to consider several variables, like your body type, movement patterns, and specific goals, in order to create a customized plan that delivers the results you want. That’s where I come in. We’ll craft a fitness routine that’s right for your body, that you actually like doing, and that you’ll want to carry out for the long haul.

Online Training

We don’t have to meet in-person for you to see amazing results! Online training includes a personalized routine, mobile app for tracking workouts and stats, as well as bi-weekly check-in calls.

In-Person Training

Live in Columbia, TN or nearby? Let’s meet at your house! My 30-minute or 1-hour sessions are personable, fun and focused on your goals.

Group Fitness

Want remote coaching with more accountability? Online group sessions give you the ability to join challenges, access a private, suportive Facebook group and achieve goals together.

Ready for a stronger, leaner body?

Why my sessions are worth it.

I don’t live in the gym or carry around Tupperware with all my meals prepared. I’m a person who cares about holistic change. And that goes for fitness routines too. I listen to your goals first, figure out a way to achieve them, and support you through your journey. All of my personalized plans focus on a combination of weight loss, general fitness and muscle gain. With a balanced route and ongoing support, you can achieve incredible results.

You should try personal training if:
  • You're intimidated by the gym.
  • You have trouble sticking to a routine.
  • You’re unsure about resistance, reps and other fitness terms.
  • You need motivation to work out.
  • You’d like to consistently maintain your personal health.
  • You're ready for a plan that's thought out in real-time, based on what you have going on in your life.

"My mindset was just to lift heavy and you will get ripped and muscular (like the magazines and social media preach), but that just wasn't working. I believed I was taking the right steps, but I was wrong.In working with you, I've changed my workout routines, improved my nutrition and I have been able to see a BIG difference in my body."

“Nothing is more rewarding than when a client tells me “You’ve changed my life”.