Reiki Level 1 Training (November 15th)

Learn to Use Reiki to Help Yourself and Others

Have you ever wished that you had a tool in which you could facilitate the healing of yourself and/or others? Good news! Reiki is a form of energy work that literally ANYONE can do.

This form of healing can work on all levels…physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. What’s really cool is that it can do no harm! You can use on literally everything.

Our weekend activities together will include the following:

  • Discussion on what Reiki is
  • Uses for this gentle yet powerful energy
  • History of Reiki
  • The different "levels" of Reiki
  • Multiple attunements for each student (this is where the "magic" happens!)
  • How to administer self-treatments
  • Hand placements for treating others
  • Group treatments (you'll be giving AND receiving)

Included In Your Enrollment

Training Manual

Certification of Training

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