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Guided Meditation (Audio Included)

When you hear the word "mediation" do you immediately think of a monk sitting on a mountain top at sunset in the midst of a deep transcendent state of mind? Does it seem like only those who devote hours a day to the practice are the only ones who can benefit? Or maybe it's just "not your thing"...

I want to make a bold statement...meditation is for EVERYONE.  Now, it's not often that we can make such a grand generalization, but in this case I think it's safe to say we can.

4 Strategies to Implement a Healthier Lifestyle

You've been through this before…you've made the same promise to yourself - "I'm going to eat better."

If you hold the thought longer than a minute you may even make it so far as to take action on that promise for a day or two. The problem then becomes that "life" rears it's ugly head, you lose focus and your old habits take over and you're back on autopilot (not in a good way).

I'm here to tell you that it is in fact possible to make good on your intentions to eat well and live a healthier lifestyle. I also have some good news for's not that hard. Sure it'll take some time (we'll get to that in a moment), but it's not as hard as you might think.

Let's go over my Top 4 Strategies to get you started down the right path.

Sleep Better (6 Easy Tips)

Let’s face it…we all know that we need sleep but how many of us make it a priority? Do YOU get enough sleep? If not…why? Sleep is CRUCIAL for health and wellness yet many of us are sleep deprived (some don’t even know it!).

I’d like to share 6 quick tips to help you move in the right direction to getting your best night’s sleep yet. Without further adieu and in no particular order…