Bringing Mindfulness to Bad Habits

Hey there friends! Today I want to talk abut one of the most underrated things when it comes to our bad habits - Mindfulness. 

Now I know that your first reaction might be "Oh we go with all the woo-woo stuff". On the contrary friend, we're going to keep it simple and high-level.


You're not alone

So here's the deal...we're all guilty of mindless habits throughout the day (yours truly included).  🙂

Ever drive home and after you park you think to yourself "How did I get here?" That was a mindless experiences and we've ALL done it.

One of the main areas needing an extra dose of Mindfulness is our eating habits. I see it on the daily - folks mindlessly eating. They're bored, stressed or simply passing by the candy container and BOOM! Down the hatch those morsels of sugary delight go, without any conscious thought or awareness. It's like daytime sleepwalking.

So how can we walk up from this altered state? We can go really far down the rabbit hole on this topic but I promised we were going to keep it simple and I like to keep my promises. 🙂

The quick and "easy" answer is to be in the moment. Like many things though, that's easier said than done. 

Here are a few suggestions to help bring yourself into the present moment (and potentially your hands out of the candy jar...LOL). 

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    If you work at a desk, when you stand up, STOP and ask yourself what you're about to do.
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    Set an hourly timer on your phone, watch, computer to take one minute to self-assess. How do you feel? Are you happy, stressed, bored, etc? Where do you feel it in your body?
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    If you find yourself drifting mentally about something that happened in the past or worrying about something in the future, bring yourself back to the present. 
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    Breathe - this is probably the easiest thing to bring you present. Take 10 seconds (or more), slow down your breathing and focus on it. You'll find it'll be difficult to think about anything else.

Now it's your turn

Thanks it friend! A quick but important practice to start implementing right away. On the surface it may not seem like this will make much of a difference but I assure you that with a regular practice you just might find it makes all the difference. 

We'll dive further into this powerful process down the road but I'd love to hear your experience after implementing some Mindfulness into your life.

Chris Keseling

Chris is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Reiki Master. With over a decade experience, his passion is to support and empower his clients to take control of their health holistically.

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