"Official" Verbiage

Chris is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Reiki Master. His decision to become a Health Coach was to fulfill his passion for supporting clients to take control of their health holistically. Chris received his Health Coach training at the premier nutrition school in the world: The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and Personal Training from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).

He leads workshops on nutrition/wellness and offers health coaching and/or personal training for individuals, groups and corporate wellness programs.

OK...here's the rest of the story...

Growing up I wasn't exactly the pillar of health. At a very early age I was diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately for me I can't remember any of it as I was only 8 months old. Adrenal Ganglioneuroblastoma took hold but luckily I had the best of care (and was even a case study) at John's Hopkins Medical Center. The cancer was localized and removed via surgery and I've been "clean" ever since!

Moving through adolescence I ended up being your typical couch potato. I wasn't into sports and about the only exercise I got was playing "tag" during our school time lunch breaks. While admittedly I was pretty good, that was the extent of my movement. I wasn't overweight but rather "skinny fat". For anyone not familiar with the term, it basically means that someone is average or thin in size but has very little muscle mass - hence the nomenclature.

After graduating from High School I found myself in the US Army as a Counterintelligence Korean Linguist. Pretty cool huh? Let me be honest...I only wanted to join initially to attend the Defense Language Institute (DLI) and really wanted to avoid Bootcamp...at all costs (remember I wasn't into exercise AT ALL!) I tried every angle with the recruiter "what if I join the band?"..."what if I do the reserves"...LOL. No dice. I had to suck it up and do it. However, I can say with all sincerity that the exercise I did during my enlistment really began the shift in the way I felt about fitness.

After my 4 years with Uncle Sam were up, I went back into society and got a "real job". I continued exercising post-army and felt much better as a result. The problem was that while my corporate job "paid the bills", I didn't find it fulfilling in the least. I wasn't sure what I was going to do, but I knew that it had to be something different.

That's when I saw a special on 20/20 about Gastric Bypass surgery. Watching the stories of the folks and how they had to resort to surgery to save their lives really struck a cord with me. Coming from a family of various diseases (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.) and weight issues, I could empathize. I knew at that moment that my calling was to help others get control of their health!

Since then I've become a Personal Trainer, Reiki Master and Health Coach. Nothing touches me more deeply than having a client tell me that I've "changed their life". My goal is to continue helping those who are ready to make a change...who are ready to learn and implement healthy strategies into their lives. I can't do the work...only the individual can. I can only be a guide...a support system to help them make lifelong lasting changes.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

* Currently providing "in-person" services to the Nashville Tennessee and surrounding areas (Franklin, Brentwood, etc).  Remote services are provided through phone and/or web.